Buying a property with an old underground oil tank can come with many expensive problems, especially if the tank has leaked into the ground or if it was not properly abandoned in place. An underground tank on a property can hold up the sale and may also affect the mortgage process. Let us help you make an educated decision before buying or selling your home.

Underground Tank Locating

Never buy a property without knowing whether an underground tank exists! If you are unsure whether a tank may exist on a property, the entire property should be inspected for an underground tank by one of our professional environmental field technicians to ensure you know what’s below! We offer two methods of Locating Services, including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Call us today for an Underground Tank Locating quote! Toll Free 800-348-5699.

Tank Testing / Soil Testing

Disposal Systems Inc. environmental field technicians can carefully extract soil samples around the sides of an underground oil tank and submit the soil samples to be analyzed for the presence of petroleum. This method of tank testing can help determine if there is any oil present in the soils surrounding a tank, if oil is present in the soil it is a good indication that oil from the tank has leaked.


Partner with Disposal Systems Inc. to educate yourself and your buyer or seller about the risks that are involved when a property has an underground tank. We are experts in assisting Realtors and their clients. We have helped countess clients meet deadlines for closing dates, or simply help to determine “the next step” or alternative options in underground oil tank situations. Whether the property in question is a foreclosure, or there are many unknowns about a property, call us first!

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