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Buying or Selling Property

Disposal Systems Inc. will give you a FREE and honest estimate for your tank removal or tank installation, no hidden charges and no haggling. Ask us about our special mats that can help to keep your grass and sidewalks protected from heavy equipment!

If you choose to have us perform your work, rest assured we will make your experience as easy and “painless” as we possibly can. We handle the permitting process, town inspections and the NJ state law required utility mark out, which is necessary for your tank removal or tank installation. Once your job is complete and paid for we prepare a tank closure documentation package for your records. We also submit copies of the same documentation to the town in order to close out the permit which will allow you to obtain a certificate of approval for your tank removal project.

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Tank Removal

#2 Heating Oil Underground Storage Tanks (UST) The most common size UST on a residential property is a 550-gallon tank. Tanks can vary; smaller i.e. 290-gallons or larger i.e. 1,000-gallons. With our long history of experience, we have learned the tricks of our trade and we are confident we can remove even the most challenging tank safely; protecting your property and our personnel. When you hire us, you are hiring the safest and the best. #2 Heating Oil Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST) We can remove above ground oil tanks in your basement, garage or outside yard. Just as with underground tanks, we take the time to ensure your tank removal will be stress-free.

Tank Installation

# 2 Heating Oil Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST) Disposal Systems Inc. can install a new 275-gallon above ground oil tank in both indoor and outdoor environments. Tank removal and tank installation can be done on the same day.

Oil Contaminated Soil & Groundwater Remediation

tank removalWe can provide leaking oil tank remediation services for a job of any size, including structural support. With all of our experience and equipment, we have the ability to problem solve the most difficult leaking oil tank remediation projects. Call us today!

Tank Abandonment

No matter where your oil tank is located, we will create a customized plan to gain access to tanks with limited space and obstacles. While it is always preferable to remove underground storage tanks, there are situations where the structural concerns or utility locations can impede the removal of a UST. Upon customer request, DSI can create a site-specific plan for the in-place abandonment of an underground storage tank with certified clean fill.

Underground Tank Locating

Never buy a property without knowing whether an underground tank exists! If you are unsure whether a tank may exist on a property, the entire property should be inspected by one of our professional environmental field technicians to ensure you know what’s below! Call us today for an Underground Tank Locating quote!

Buying or Selling Property?

Buying a property with an old underground oil tank can come with many expensive problems, especially if the tank has leaked or if it was not properly abandoned. An underground tank on a property can hold up the sale and can affect the mortgage process. Let us help you make an educated decision before buying or selling your home.

Tank Testing / Soil Testing

Disposal Systems personnel can carefully extract soil samples around the sides of an underground oil tank and submit the soil sample to an NJ certified laboratory to analyze for the presence of petroleum. This method of tank testing can help determine if there is any oil present in the soils surrounding a tank. If oil is present in the soil it is a good indication that oil from the tank has leaked into the surrounding soils. We are happy to offer a free quote for these services.