Tank Removal & Soil Remediation Monmouth County NJ | Our Services

Tank Removal/Abandonment

DSI has completed under-ground and above-ground tank removal projects of all sizes, shapes and material types such as fiberglass, steel, double-walled, encased in concrete, etc. No matter where the tank is located, we will create a customized plan to gain access to tanks with limited space.

Tank Installation

Disposal Systems can install above-ground storage tanks in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Soil & Groundwater Remediation

We can provide remediation services for any size job. With 38 years of experience, we have the knowledge and credentials to problem solve the most difficult remediation projects. From excavation, transportation and disposal/recycling of contaminated soils to pumping, transporting and disposing of/recycling of contaminated groundwater we have the trained personnel, company-owned excavators, dump trucks and vacuum tank trucks to get the job done.

Vacuum Trucks

DSI has all licenses and endorsements needed to haul and dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Owning a fleet of vacuum trucks ranging from 2,300-gallons to 5,000-gallons allows us to pump liquids from fuel tanks, frac tanks, perform enhanced fluid recovery from wells, groundwater control or any other vacuum truck services you may need.

Drum Removal Services

Whether you are looking to dispose of existing drummed materials or require lab-pack services, we offer a variety of drummed waste removal and disposal options.

Contaminated Soil Transportation & Disposal

Contaminated Soil Transportation NJ | Disposal Systems, Inc.

Disposal Systems can provide trucking services to homeowners, consultants, and contractors alike. Whether you need impacted soils trucked to a licensed facility or require certified clean fill for any size project, let us handle your hauling needs.


DSI can provide crews with extensive shoring experience and training. This allows us to excavate in areas most of our competitors would not be able to accomplish. With specialized shoring equipment and close relations with our suppliers or shoring; there are very few excavation problems that we cannot solve.

Structural Support

We were among the first companies in New Jersey to utilize structural support in order to gain access to contaminated soils which are not accessible to standard equipment. We have effectively used helical piles, steel beams, cribbing, and slide rail shoring to get to areas that other contractors can’t. Our skilled staff, along with engineers and other associates, can create a structural support system that gives you peace of mind, while protecting your valuable assets.


We can offer competitive pricing on many types of demolition work. Utilizing machinery from our fleet of heavy equipment, we have the machinery and experience to tackle many of our client’s demolition needs. Whether it’s a canopy and kiosk impeding a tank removal at your service station, or even if you need an entire building taken down, ask the experts at DSI how we can assist your specific needs.

Certified Clean Fill/Stone

We provide products from our various virgin sources and certified clean fill supply locations throughout the tri-state area.

Water Treatment

We can design and build custom-engineered systems for unique water treatment applications. We will utilize an assortment of pumps, hoses, carbon drums, filters, enclosed trailers, and frac tanks in order to provide our clients with a convenient and cost-effective solution to groundwater contaminants.

Soil Testing

Disposal Systems can collect soils for analysis on any site. Delineations, tank testing and waste characterization are some of the many instances in which soil testing may be utilized.

Geoprobe Services

We can provide direct push probing services to environmental contractors, consultants, and engineers. Soil sampling, groundwater sampling, injection of remediation compounds, delineation and well installation are just a few of the services we can provide to you.